Classical Minute
The American Ideal IV was on WLRN channel 17 in Miami on July 18, 19 and 20. To see a few of the first clips to be put online, click Classical Minute.

Opera-tunity Knocks...Sponsorship Rocks!.

We need your help! Sponsors are needed to expand the performance schedule of the Coral Gables Opera in 2009 and produce a promotional CD of the American Ideal IV concert series. Move from the audience to the orchestra and support a deserving organization by providing opera-tional funds so Bella can continue developing classical talent. Click here for Sponsorship Options.

This is a 'highlight' video of the performance on 28 June 2008. It is 9 minutes and 47 seconds. The performance was nearly 90 minutes.

The emcee is Dr. Jay Hess, president of the the Hess Conservatory of Music, while Dr. Beverly Coulter, professor, Voice and Opera Theatre at Barry University is the pianist. The newest member of CGO is Rory Mulchrone, who recently became one of Bella's students. Rory is not in the above video clip. I thought I'd give him his own 'show.' Click here for Rory Mulchrone's debut.

The performance is one of several put on each year by Bella Smith, founder and artistic director of the Coral Gables Chamber Symphony & Opera, Inc. Additional pictures and video will be added as it becomes available. The first to appear was on the Oracle News. The American Ideal IV concert of April 25th was broadcast on WLRN TV - channel 17 on July 18, 19 and 20. For pictures and a couple of video clips I shot from that performance, click here. The broadcast-quality video will be added soon.

 Ken English