Following the WLRN telecast on July 10th, 2006., in response to a letter of congratulations...

Again, really appreciate your being so supportive.  What I h ave to do is find a major sponsor. If you noticed the audience were mainly students.  You have no idea how difficult it is to organize this, but by the grace of God, it was done. Researching contacts, repeat phone calls and more. Totally exhaustive, but rewarding. The youth are the entire focus of the program by exposing them to watch and listen to their peers, young virtuosi who have to spend many hours/days practicing.  It's such a joy to watch them up on the stage and know that they will serve as an example of discipline and dedication. Let's hope that doors will open for everything. 

Thank you


On compensation.

June 18, 2005 

All receive compensation when they perform.  In other places, singers have to PAY to perform.  That has been going on quite awhile in the profession because of the lack of funding. When I was a professional opera singer, I was hired on the basis of my ability which is reflected in the reviews that I received. I never had to pay to perform. There are many factors that are involved in this contemporary period which only an individual who is knowledgeable about the arts, past and present, would know.

Singers do not have enough opportunity to perform because the public is no longer what it had been. Singers will also leap at the opportunity to perform even travelling great distances to do so. The cost of a production is expensive, orchestral musicians are the major expense,  and  much more.  I used to produce complete productions orchestra, includes, music,  costumes, scenery, props, programs, etc. No more.  As a volunteer, since our founding, it has become too taxing, therefore I prefer to concentrate on The American Ideal, which also has its own difficulties to produce. Funding, with which any impressario is well-acquainted, is always the focus of any program. Please note that I have even cleaned the bathroom of the churches where we presented concerts.

NO conductor would ever do this, neither would a singer offer to help.

Opera, of course, has always been the "playground of the rich." The type of audience that existed back in the 50's or so was more appreciative and sophisticated. The interest in classical music has dwindled to the extent that the Philharmonic does NOT exist, WTMI, once noted for airing classical music, does NOT do so. Please also note, that The American Idol program, which does not reflect anything of quality both in music/singing has become the MOST popular program on television.

There is much more to be said which will be unsaid at this time.

Bel Canto Society